Hire Her! Immediately. You will be extremely glad you did. As Studio Manager in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial advertising and design agency, Asa was both a strong manager and designer. She is a tireless worker, extremely stress-resistant, and a favorite of all her colleagues.
— Hunter Phillips, Blackboard Advertising

Client Reviews

Asa has demonstrated, time after time, a willingness to pitch-in with any part of a project to ensure that our deadlines and standards of quality are met. Her devotion to our firm combines with her personal pride and solid work ethic to guarantee that nothing leaves our office without a comprehensive seal of approval.
— Rob Richman, Page2 Design
You have saved the day with your excellent work. You really did a great job of handled things so professionally. I’m so happy!
— Marcy Hawley, Marcy Hawley Creative, LLC
A giant shout out to graphic designer, Asa Wild, who helped design this visual image/logo for Whole Arts. It was truly an enjoyable journey that helped me clarify and conceptualize. Every step of the way, she held my vision and heart. Highly recommended!
— Laurie Ritchie, Owner/Founder, Whole Arts Connection
Asa, with WildGraphics, helped produce a very vivid and engaging exhibit for the St. Louis Children’s Choirs at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport within its community display windows in Terminal 1. The exhibit was highly visual and attractive, which was a big accomplishment because there was a lot of creative translation that took place to tell what could be a very non-visual story about the group’s mission and community activities.
— Jeff Lea, Public Relations Manager, Lambert–St. Louis International Airport
Asa was one of the most detail-oriented, creatively minded people I’ve ever worked with. She was quick, but thorough and was our go-to team member for every kind of deliverable. The fact that she’s a wonderful person just makes working with her that much more enjoyable.
— Amy Heinz, Founder/Chief Wordsmith, Using Our Words
Asa has been an invaluable asset to Melt Massage. She cares about the quality of work she produces making sure it’s always complete and to her high standards before submitting it. Recently I asked her help upgrading my logo and her questions about all the different promotional materials in which I would be using it reminded me she’s not just a doer, but a thinker. This type of thoughtful attention to work highlights to me that not only does she get the job done, she gets it done well.
— Hana Levin, Founder, Melt Massage
As an Architect, I had a clear idea of what I was looking for in a cover. It had to continue the concept of my previous book cover (this was a sequel). It had to have similar visual snap yet be enough different from the previous book to stand out from it. Many cover designers (and Architects) try to impose their “vision” upon the client, rather than to give them what they want. Asa was able to turn my vision into reality and kudos to her for that. The result was nothing short of excellent. She was responsive and helpful throughout the process.
— Norm DeWitt, author of Making it FASTER, Making it FASTER II
Asa created a terrific logo for my new business, which helped brand my company. She was fast, creative, and wonderful to work with. I definitely recommend her to anybody for anything they need designed.
— Brian Eslick, Founder & CEO, How To Automotive
Asa Wild is an absolute gem in the design world! Not only are her designs stunning, thoughtful, and imaginative, but her integrity and unwavering dedication to each project is unmatched. Every project we have collaborated on, and there have been many, has resulted in a uniquely artistic and truly reflective representation of what I wanted and more. Ingenious, innovative, and a pleasure to work with, I would hire Asa again and again.
— Cherie Kephart, author of A Few Minor Adjustments, Bazi Publishing